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My dearest Martha, you are one of the most powerful souls I know and yet you exude warmth and truth. You have both a critical eye which helps you help others, but an eye for beauty and diversity. You SEE people. Your own health and physicality encourages and empowers others.  

- Julie Thornton, Colorado



"I couldn't open my eyes wide enough to take in all of the beauty of Sifnos.

The azure blue sea, the aqua shore lines, the vivid sun sets and the vast terraced hillsides satisfied everything I imagined my retreat to be.

Yet there was more.

Martha and Maki's hospitality and knowledge of the island provided experiences only obtained through the special opportunity to visit with someone who loves their homeland and wished to share their culture.

I fell in love on a daily basis with all things Greek.

Martha's retreat was both expansive and intimate. It was invigorating, yet very relaxing.

Yes, it was well balanced.

Martha's awareness of our wants and needs combined with her flexibility to adjust our day and evening activities made this a vacation like no other.

My most magical memories..

summer solstice yoga on the mountaintop over looking the Sifnos port, swimming in the coves and cave of an uninhabited island and dinning each evening greek-style with cherished friends. Thank you so much!"

- Jody Weiss, Florida

You know when to push, when to pull, and when to hold. And you help others access their innate wisdom about their own bodies. I believe the ability to empower your students to trust their intuition is one of the greatest gifts.You consider others' needs and create a space for people to show up just the way they are and take what they need. I have experienced your thoughtfulness while watching you help needy students in your class without making them feel they are holding the class back. I've also noticed your thoughtfulness in your professional interactions. Your formal trainings in complimentary disciplines offer a unique combination of ways to address individuals' unique needs. Your years of personal spiritual practice, infused with challenges of real life, and your ability to share your experience with your students, show them that it can be done, even if it's not always a straight shot. 

As a student, I come to your classes because I know you are teaching. I know that whatever I need that day (a challenge, an escape, a rest, or something I don't yet know) will present itself to me in your class. You create a safe space that seems to allow a flow for the universe to work it's magic. Your voice is soothing, knowing, and wise. Your sequencing is smart and thoughtful. Your challenges are accessible and empowering.

- Gina C.,Colorado



You are both considerate and aware. This blend makes you an excellent teacher and a caring person. Your ability to know what is going on for me is at times spooky, I think the connection is the link, and it is strong. An organised person, you have an ability to think things though and keep things in order. Again, a really valuable asset for a teacher. Open to change, I have seen you accept options that may not have felt so good in the moment. You have an ability to consider change and suspend judgement.  I get the feeling that developing this is an ongoing process for you ;-). When I am around you there is a sense of being in a kind of partnership.  Often, this partnership focuses on health, movement, etc (yoga), but it gets really good when there is a shared ability to be present. I think you have substantial value in many areas...but let's focus on one. The ability to build community, that is where I would like to see you focus. 

- Mark Jacobsen, Colorado





I come to you because you steady me. I come to you for balance-to remind me to remain true to who I am and what I need.  And you remind me that living and loving are bigger than the day to day, but that the day to day is important. When I talk to you, I see blue skies and shining ocean waves-

- H.K.,Colorado

I come to you for your unfettered genuineness... your ability to spot the “diamond in the rough” comes from experience of “been there and done that”.  It’s a life’s journey skill that I believe you’ve carefully honed, in your subconscious and through circumstance, and now can share through acquired wisdom. A wisdom that can become a powerful mentoring tool toward affecting the lives of many around / close to you.

- A.S., Dubai





You are deep and go deep into this vast body of yoga- and yet with you it feels playful, relaxed, nonjudgemental, and explorative. I come to your classes because you are nurturing, thoughtful, and wise. You know how to move our bodies, relax our minds, and surprise us with all that we can do.  I always leave feeling more grounded and like my body is fully awake. Thank you, I've been meaning to say that to you. 

- T.B.S.,Colorado



As a skillful yoga teacher and compassionate, intelligent friend, I come to you for advice, a listening ear, a yogic practice and enjoying your company.  You present with integrity, vision, pragmatism, honesty, and empathy.  You've learned to accept and/or overcome adversity and bring consciousness to your relationships.  It takes courage to do the deep intrapersonal work, so I admire you for doing that work.  It's easier to remain unconscious or continue with our current patterns, even when they're not serving us.  You have the tenacity and strength to pursue new endeavours. 

- D.B., Colorado

What a joy it was to take your class yesterday - I always learn something from you!

I'm always impressed that you know your students so well, even the ones who come in once in a while (guilty!), You don't project any judgment in your classes. We're all at different levels. Some of us can't squat low. Some of us can't straighten our legs in downward dog. Most of us can't do a handstand without relying on the wall. But you offer alternatives without judging where we are, and you project confidence but also a strong sense of calmness. When I come to your class and it starts out slow and we're really focusing on a particular body part (like the toes and feet), I think okay, maybe today won't be too hard, and then you put us into some VERY strong and challenging poses and you just speak so calmly through them like it's nothing. I don't have a hard time relaxing my face in difficult poses, but my heart rate goes up and my breathing quickens and I can't even imagine how I would ever be able to give subtle cues while holding those poses. It's seriously impressive.I always learn something new from you. I don't learn new things in most other yoga classes. You know what parts of the body will fire up when certain minor changes are made and whether it's a comment directly to me or a blanket statement that you give to the entire class about how to make a specific, minor adjustment that actually has major impact, I soak all of that up and really feel like I walk away with new understanding of how my body works.

- Jaime Bogardy, Colorado



"So, you have the time and ability to take a vacation but how do you decide where to go? Usually, you search the travel websites for the highly-rated 4 or 5 star destinations.

Well, time to rethink that strategy because I'm about to share the 10 star magic of Martha's Yoga retreat on the exquisite island of Sifnos, Greece.

You will......

- Receive personalized attention for your levels of yoga, relaxation and adventure.

- Practice yoga in stunning natural environments all over the island.

- Tour the island to discover the hidden treasures only a native would know, for boat only accessible pristine beaches, hiking trails to mountain top churches, peaceful bays......

- Learn about the history, culture and natural beauty of Sifnos.

- Enjoy Greek style meals at a table of friends sharing authentic Greek dishes at the best restaurants on the island.

- Recharge at your beautiful home-base just steps away from the lovely beach of Platys Gialos with its own collection of restaurants and shops. 

To say the least, this was a week like no other in my life and will forever change my definition of "a perfect vacation"!

 Thank you, Martha and Maki

- Lisa Jenkins, Colorado



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Describe your image.

"Traveling to Sifnos for a dance/yoga retreat with Martha was my first trip abroad,

and it was truly a trip of a lifetime. 

Experiencing this beautiful, peaceful island with someone who knows it intimately and clearly loves it with her whole being was a gift I will forever cherish.

Our daily yoga practice with lovely Martha served to ground our experience as a community.

The many excursions to favorite local spots were experiences I'll always remember.

I returned home with a full heart and wonderful stories to share.

I only wish I could afford to join her in Sifnos every year! 

With great love and gratitude,
- Penny Scott-Oliver, Colorado

"If you're thinking of going on one of Martha's adventures:

Just. Do. It.

Martha is an inspirational yoga instructor, a gracious hostess and Greece

and Sifnos in particular is beautiful.

I'm a senior citizen so I don't even try to do all the yoga poses that Matha demonstrates.

Yet, I do feel inspired and challenged to do what is right for me

and to push myself gently to strive for what I can do.

Martha is always supportive and helps me adapt the pose.

I appreciated being challenged and grateful for the support 

and Martha didn't mind my old lady get-up of oversized hat and rash guard.

It was great fun exploring Sifnos and the advantages of being led by someone

who knows the island intimately cannot be overstated.

Martha has great taste and high standards.

All of our numerous meals were delicious and I enjoyed the confidence that each restaurant would be very good.

If I am visiting a new place, I appreciate not having to go through the trial and error process of finding restaurants and sights, particularly for a short visit.

So many possible places to explore and sights to see, I loved how Martha guided us. Days were structured for the utmost advantage to us - visiting villages in the late afternoon to avoid the heat and crowds and boating to waterside restaurants in the middle of the week.

And of course, there was yoga at the beginning and at the end of each day.

You'll love it!

Barbara Merrell, Colorado



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My experience of going on a yoga /dance retreat on Sifnos with Martha was wonderful! 

Her love of Sifnos and desire to pass on that love worked! 

I loved her guiding us to fantastic restaurants with delicious Greek typical foods.

Showing us sites of local churches and ocean views that inspire was plentiful.

Treating us to a folk dance experience with a Greek professional folk dancer was also a generous treat at the end of the week.

My biggest memory was her ability to bond with the whole group personally and be a warm, responsible trip leader.”

- Nina Friedman, Colorado




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As Martha's husband and yoga partner, I have had the unique opportunity to practice yoga with her in many settings.  One of the biggest impressions Martha has made on me is her vast range and depth of yoga knowledge.  Almost every time we have practiced together since 2009, she introduces a new pose or a new variation of a pose. 

It is both refreshing and stimulating, as it increases my awareness and

appreciation of different styles and it deepens my practice.

- Maki Iatridis, Colorado




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