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About Martha

Greek-born and English-educated, 

I grew up bilingual, multicultural and a nomad.


A lover of sports and physical activities and drawn to the arts, my studies at the Inchbald School of Design in London for my interior design degree led me to my first passion – the founding of the first contemporary gallery in Dubai UAE in the early 90's called "PARADOX".


As the managing partner I traveled the globe (another one of my passions), collecting one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and artefacts, satisfying both my desire for beautiful,

unique pieces and cultural diversity.


Being a nomad I was drawn to impermanence and frequent moving, having established homes in Europe, the Middle East, Canada and the United States, but discovered that

the only place I really considered home, my soul home, the place where my being is truly at peace and fulfilled is a

little island in the Mediterranean Sea called Sifnos. 

A jewel in the Aegean!


In 1999 through life’s many turbulences I was led to

the path of self-discovery, meditation and yoga

which became my biggest passion yet.


As all those passions gelled together they have inspired me to create "Blue Island Yoga” and offer the participant

a chance to enrich their experience with moments that matter, through our unique and stunning locations,

our yoga practice enhanced by the natural beauty that surrounds you, in great style, cultural enrichment, incredible food, a practice of presence and appreciation with

like-minded friends, to relax, restore and recharge

your being and enjoy the holiday/retreat you love.


As I invite you to a place and a space to BE, I invite you to my home and you are my most precious guest.


Come with me and 

"Experience the holiday you LOVE through Presence"


Inchbald School of Design - England

Interior Design Degree - 1984

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre - Canada

Yoga Siromani - Teacher of Yoga - 1999

Yoga Acharya - Master of Yoga - 1999

Reflexology - England - 2001


Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers - England - 2004

Yoga Academy - England - 2004

Thai Yoga Massage - Thailand - 2005


Traveling to foreign lands, exploring different cultures and coming

out of your normal daily routine can be a fertile ground

to create adventure, growth, and vision.

Think differently, feel differently, experience differently.

To be able to experience these moments through

the guidance and eyes of a local is priceless.


If you are looking for a week long, 6 hours a day intense yoga practice with a goal to achieve the most challenging poses or deepen your understanding of Indian Gods and mythology or even enrich your sanskrit vocabulary,

my yoga holiday retreats are definitely not for you!


If however you are in need of a week of an exceptional experience,

satisfying all your senses and then some.....keep reading, 

you are about to sign up for a week that will relax, restore and recharge 

you completely not to mention enrich your memory bank.


Our magical locations are walking distance from the sea and have

been scouted and explored to the finest of details.

With my background in interior design and an eye for style, your accommodations, whether Luxury Villas or Simple Beach Houses is your preference, will have great taste, high standards and impeccable service.


The culinary experience, whether prepared by our chefs at the villas or guided to the best restaurants in town will tantalise your taste buds with

bursts of delight from the delicious Greek cuisine.


Adventures, hikes and explorations of the villages, beaches and ancient sites will deepen your connection with our culture, our people and our land.


The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets with the sound and vistas of the sea

will transport you to your deepest states of relaxation, 

which through our daily yoga practices will enhance your appreciation and connection with the natural beauty that surrounds you.


​These retreats are open to all with or without any yoga experience. 

We primarily focus on quality of attention and the state of being 

rather than to achieving advanced physical poses ....

but don't be surprised if you manage to achieve those too!


When you embark on this journey you will be entering a different pace….

the pace of island life…..

Things slow down here, we no longer look at clocks, we take lots of coffee/tea/juice breaks mesmerised by the sound and vista of the sea, 

we eat at strange hours and our meals are the height of our social life so be prepared to be at the table for many hours, socialise all night,

stay up for sunrises and take siestas during the day.


You may choose to eat early and that is absolutely fine and available if you choose but you may want to try our crazy lifestyle for the short time you

will be here, when in Greece do like the Greeks….

There are some pristine unspoiled beaches which you will have to hike to get to or go by boat and then there are the beaches with tavernas, cafes, shops,

beach umbrellas etc…..something to match all tastes.


Somedays you may feel like resting all day by the beach or at the villa and

others might be adventurous and tour the island 

or explore the lively night life in town.


So join me and experience through presence 

the holiday adventure that you will love!

Sifnos Island - Church Bell
Mission Statement
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