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Has Greece been on your bucket list but you're overwhelmed by the different culture,

the foreign language and a general feeling of how do I choose and where do I start?


Are you the kind of traveler that likes to adventure and to experience extraordinary moments,

delicious food, beautiful accommodations and with knowledge of the locals

on what to see and do in the short time you will be there?


Do you want to plan that special vacation with family or friends or organise that special event?


Blue Island Yoga was created offering the participant a week rich in greek hospitality,

culture, history, gastronomy, adventure, exploration, activity,

relaxation and appreciation of the beauty of our country!

Our goal is for everyone's experience to be enriched by simply being.

Let us take care of everything else.


We have a number of locations that have been scouted,

from magical islands to mountainous areas of medieval villages, 

a variety of accommodations from luxury to simplicity 

and in activities from swimming, running, biking, hiking, rafting, sailing, horse riding,

yoga and so much more that can be catered to your desires.


Let us know your preferences and we shall deliver an unforgettable experience!

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